Please remember to check your junk mail, deleted items, etc, etc. I just did a test an got caught!

Because it’s a damn good idea.  It costs you nothing – not yet, anyway, but I make no promises for the future. I keep my promises, so that’s important!

With literally (in the true meaning of the word) years of producing unbiased, factual and researched articles, Gay Island News started in 2010. A six-year break from publishing due (in part to a bad decision) to a stroke, followed by my contracting Multiple Sclerosis. I didn’t let all that stop me. I restarted the popular DOTS paper, which was closed unexpectedly.

I also saw the need for a digital paper, so restarted ‘Bay Island News’ as an online paper. With 25 years of experience of being a webmaster, I knew I could build a successful paper, but it would take time. If you build it, they will come. Very true. I peaked at 25,000 pageviews in a single 30 day period. That number is certified by Google Analytics, the gold standard in Search engine measurement. You can view the report HERE , if you wish.

For about a year, I focused on my print paper, DOTS (Directory Of Trades & Services), so the Bay Island news took a back seat while I formulated a sustainable format. I found that a 40 page edition, with a fair balance of advertising, editorial features and articles was achievable.

So when a contributor, suggested that my online version of DOTS could be ‘morphed’ into a daily paper, that gave me pause to think.


So, how to do it? A daily paper is out of the question, or is it? Can the Islands support a daily paper? Certainly not a print version, but online. That’s a thought. A weekly paper, updated with important news items (I dislike the phrase ‘breaking’ – there that’s out of my system now). Now that’s a possibility. Advertisers could bear the costs, the readers get a free weekly Island-based and oriented newspaper.

So, please subscribe, I think we can make a good publication, which can benefit all. But I need your help. You don’t have to do much – just fill in the usual form, answer a couple of optional questions and you are in! I’ll ask around my advertisers for special promotions and/or giveaways and let you know, so getting in quick might be a good idea!

By the way, we are off to a good start: 67 subscribers so far. I’ll have the system up and running in the new year (2021)

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I send weekly bulletins from I only send out IMPORTANT notices otherwise (eg: Fire Alerts, Missing Kids, Transport, etc)