Karragarra is the smallest of the bay islands, about 0.5 km wide and 4 km long, with a small permanent population of about 160. Sandy beaches and a protected swimming pool near the jetty make the island popular for picnics. There are no shops – all food and other provisions must be brought from the mainland or the larger islands. Some holiday accommodation is available .For those loving an idyllic, quiet lifestyle this Island is a welcome oasis. Famous for the Karragarra  Yacht club, whose (now past) rules precluded anyone with a boat o to be in the club. Every November, the Karra cup,, celebrates the Melbourne cup in typica Island style, with hobby horses and a BBQ! Another event not to be missed is the Karragarra sea Markets – “The market is still on folk, dont miss out, there is so much to do and see, including throw a fish, eat and eat and eat some more and lots of goodies to be purchased.”

Karragarra is a great day-trip destination with a family-safe beach and netted enclosure. The experience starts with a short water taxi ride. Karragarra is the smallest of the bay islands – about 0.5km wide and 4km long It is popular for picnics among locals and visitors alike