Community is what the Southern Moreton Bay Islands are famous for. We are a close and tight knit community, with more amenities than most would think. When looking at the Islands as an escape from the Rat Race of the Gold Coast twelve years ago, I was personally surprised at the activity on the Islands. Social, Clubs, Sporting, Fishing, Golf, Bowls, Sailing. And that was merely scratching the surface!
Since then, the Islands have almost tripled in population to almost 10,000.

We have a new Medical centre being built on Macleay, which. of course will service all four Islands (we have free ferry travel between Islands). All the essentials and more are here:

Shopping: Super IGA, Five Star, Spar

Medical. Macleay Island Pharmacy and Russell Island Pharmacy

Doctors surgeries on both Macleay and Russell, with home visiting available for some cases.
Police: we have police stations on both Macleay and Russell islands


Golf club on Macleay., RSL on Macleay, Russell and Lamb

Bowls clubs on Macleay and Russell.

We have a pub (Pub Paradise) on Macleay. All the clubs have take away facilities. Russell Island also has a ‘Thirsty Camel’ Take away.

Emergency Services. All Four Islands have Rural Fire brigades, well equipped and well supported by the community – we love our Firies!

Naturally we have ambulance facilities, if needed there are two ways off the Island, we have an Ambulance boat, a fast Catamaran, capable of evacuating 2 patients (I’ve used it myself) and a helicopter medevac for all Island (Mum was evac’ed to the PA hospital)

We have sailing schools on both Macleay and Russell, both well attended.

Wining and Dining. Where to start?


Club Macleay (Bowls Club)

Bay Islands Golf Club,

Blue Parrot Restaurant,

Macleay Island Fish and Chips,

Pub Paradise Bistro

Russell Island

Auntie Alice’s

Russell Island RSL Billy’s Bistro

Lamb Island

Lamb Island Kiosk

Lamb Island recreation Club