‘Circumstances beyond my control’

 ‘Circumstances beyond my control’   Here are the FACTS. The December/Summer edition of DOTS was not the correct copy. I rang the printers on Friday and sent them an email at the same time. I received a response on Monday (yesterday) which I forwarded to Kim Richards the same day, […]

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BRISBANE OLYMPICS 2032    OFFICIAL REDLAND CITY COUNCIL PRESS RELEASE As usual, I have an MP4 and a youtube file for your convenience I have requested some imagery. MP4 Youtube The Olympics are coming to Redlands Coast in 2032. With Brisbane being named as host city for the Games of […]

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PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT       Queensland Health is issuing new contact tracing locations in the following locations: Brisbane International Airport Annerley Aspley Maroochydore Stones Corner For a full list of locations and advice on what to do if you’ve been to a venue, visit https://www.health.qld.gov.au/tracing. This page will be progressively updated as new […]

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PIPES IN PLACE VIDEO Chris Zahn has been at it again. MP4 downloadable format. The temporary Water Mains pipe line was I believe pulled over to Macleay Island from Lamb island in two parts . First part videoed was the temp pipe pulled from Lamb island to Macleay Island connected […]

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