Chris Zahn has been at it again.

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The temporary Water Mains pipe line was I believe pulled over to Macleay Island from Lamb island in two parts .

First part videoed was the temp pipe pulled from Lamb island to Macleay Island connected to current water mains pit to the new pit in Cressy Street Macleay island .

The night Seqwater contractors disconnected and reconnected the water mains between Macleay island and Lamb island .

They pulled the second section from Lamb island to Macleay island through the old broken water mains pipe and reconnected mains on Both sides of Lucas Passage being a much smaller pipe .

The smaller temp pipe may deliver lower pressure north and south ends of Macleay Island but a better constant flow rate for fire brigade and houses temporary situation .

The RCCouncil to get water trucks to pressurizing our water mains using our barge system wouldn’t be able to meet our needs.

Infrastructure put in place would be great but if it’s not in place so you have to do with what you have that’s a thing .

Forward thinking just not in front yet .

They tell me the elections are coming up again soon πŸ€” .

Chris Zahn Macleay island

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