A temporary water pipeline is being installed between Lamb and Macleay Islands



Temporary water pipeline is being installed between Lamb and Macleay Islands


The white, temporary pipes on Lamb


Using an excavator to pull the pipe through. It is the box hanging down under the excavator, which is supplying hydraulic power to the winch.

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The black, permanent pipe sticking out of the ground at Cressy St.

Chris Zahan reports that there is some confusion about the pipe. It almost looks as if they are “pulling through” the temporary white pipe INSIDE the black pipe..

Who knows if this is a permanent or temporary fix?

This is what I  got from Seqwater on Wednesday 7th..

Hi Tim.

Since we issued you a media release on Friday, we have since confirmed the timing for the works on Macleay Island this weekend. Please see an update below:




This Saturday night, Macleay Island residents will experience a temporary loss of water whilst Seqwater undertakes repair of a leaking water pipe.


The work has been planned to start from 9pm, when water usage is typically low, to reduce the impact on residents.


Seqwater is encouraging Macleay Island residents to plan ahead by storing drinking water, ahead of the shutdown.


Water supply is expected to return to normal early Sunday morning and we would like to thank the community for their patience whilst this important work is undertaken.



  • On the afternoon of Friday 7 May 2021, a water leak was found under mudflats at Macleay Island, in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.
  • Seqwater is awaiting the arrival of an important valve component to repair the leak.
  • Since the leak was detected, Seqwater has been monitoring the leak daily to ensure there is no impact on water supply. This week, monitoring detected an increase in the size of the leak.
  • To reduce the risk of an unplanned disruption to water supply, Seqwater has made the decision to undertake a temporary repair that will redivert water and isolate the leak whilst they await the delivery of the outstanding part.
  • This temporary work will require a planned shutdown overnight from 9pm Saturday 10 July to approximately 7am on Sunday 11 July, when water usage is reduced and to ensure any risk to water supply during peak times is minimised.
  • The temporary connection will remain in place, above the ground, along Cressy Street on Macleay Island, until the permanent pipeline can be fully installed underground.
  • A further overnight water supply shutdown will be required for the permanent pipeline connection and this is currently planned for 31 July and pending arrival of the outstanding part.


I hope this helps.


Kindest regards.


NB: Actually, it has been Chris Zahan who has been monitoring and myself who has been uploading developments to my News website  just click on the link for all the pictures and developments, there are over a dozen.

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