The last post “X Marks the spot” shows broadly where the leak is situated and explained a little about the pipe.

Chris took a couple of pictures of where the shut-off or ‘Gate valves’ are physically located, Cressy Street, Macleay. There are similar indications on the Red e Map of valves on Lamb island.. Not a lot to see, other than the spray markings made by the Seqwater people.

This only makes sense, the ability to isolate the section of pipe. But isolating it is just one small step. The water supply originates from something called “HEINEMANN ROAD TRUNK”. That’s all I have, is a name and location on the mainland. I have outlined the areas in blue..

Here is the available information:


Water Mains – Operating

Asset No : 372962
Private Owner : SEQWATER
Alignment :
Depth :
Length : 225.83
Class :
Embedment :
Material : MSCL
Protection :
Diameter : 300
Location : W032
Install Date : 12/12/1996
Subdivision : WAT1011
Drawing No : 95

So, to summarise. we have a steel pipe Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL), approximately 350 mm (total outside diameter) 224 Metres long and encased in concrete.
You can’t buy that at Bunnings..

But I did find out what this mysterious acronym MSCL means :- Mild Steel Cement Lined and found a promotional video as well!

MSCL Mild Steel Cement Lined

The plot slowly unfolds. The term ‘concrete lined’ was easily misinterpreted. In this case, the concrete is INSIDE the pipe, NOT outside as was assumed – hey, we are not civil engineers!

Some MSCL on a truck                                                cloverpipe.com.au

MSCL Pipe Fabrication                                 ipswichcitycivil.com.au


So the question of how to get the pipe across the 225m of Lucas Passage is a little easier. In my research, I found numerous references about how to join, weld, safety, etc…
The picture above shows lengths on a truck. Presumably, these could be welded onsite and “fed” across the Lucas passage.


A closer view of the valve location,                           with paint


The other day (Monday) Chris sent me this email about what future provisions are being made in the case of water being cut off for any reason (maintenance, replacement, severe leakage, etc).. As so easily can happen, I misfiled the email, just found it now (Wed)

“To whom it may concern, I was wondering with the obvious future loss of water supply to Macleay Island due to leaking water mains Lucas passage, Lamb island to Macleay island.

 I was wondering has RCCouncil employees that go to the meetings that we all have heard they have when we want to be in contact to get a resolution to a drawn-out ongoing situation. 

The studies of costings, impact, blah, blah, blah we’ve all read them, heard them, the one paid by RCC for the bridge from Macleay Island to Lamb island that was a beauty but authorised payment for it anyway by RCCouncil employees with our money. 
I was wondering have they accumulated pallets of bottled water in readiness on Macleay Island. This is a biggy have they contacted water truck operators via our fire hydrants pressurizing our water mains like other councils do or haven’t that been discussed yet in a meeting and they’ll sort that out next time didn’t see that coming.
 I was also wondering if we would be asked to purge our water lines by turning on our household taps for several hours to clear the lines through our water metres at our cost. 
I was wondering has RCCouncil taken any step’s to look after the RCCouncil ratepayers before the situation which is going to happen shortly and will take quite a while to fix. 
We need water for basic needs, fire, bottled water just doesn’t achieve this RCCouncil. 
I was just wondering what’s in place now RCCouncil.
I hope this helps you help us RCCouncil. 
PS I have no intentions of applying for a job with RCCouncil in the future Chris Zahn Macleay island.”




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