Where’s the plan for the hospital?

Where’s the plan for the hospital?

After my printers accidentally misprinted the recent edition of DOTS, I apologised to Kim Richards and included the explanation (see below) and acceptance of responsibility by the printers. She accepted both the apology and the printer’s explanation, effectively allowing that these were ‘circumstances beyond my control’.

In the meantime, an edition of the ‘Friendly Bay Islander’ has been published.

Talk about avoiding the question.

Repeated referrals to ‘publications’, and disappointment. ‘People on our islands’ and an ‘unreliable source with no factual basis (and she had accepted the reasons and my apology, in a personal email, not from an assistant)  Just call a spade a spade! I publish the DOTS paper, that’s me, Tim Barker. But everybody seems too scared to mention the publication name or the owner’s name. Are they afraid for some reason that I may have a case for defamation?


Or are they all just chicken?

Still no word about the ‘Satellite Hospital’, though. Then again, not much news about the whole PDA either. We got a car park with an unknown number of spaces (it all depends whose numbers you believe). We got a new footbridge, we got a lot of mangroves removed.

Here is the explanation I received from my printers, pretty self-explanatory, I think.

“Hi Tim

I hope this helps.
In the case of the last issue, I think we were up to about version 3 or 4 that he had sent me, it was on the day that we needed to print the job that night (I think Friday or over the weekend). I believe he understood that, but I must have been mistaken.
We used the version that looked good and what I understood was the final version. But I was mistaken, the image size etc was correct, but the content was not on a couple of pages.”

       The incorrect version

Just to be clear – there was no story attached, mentioned or published. There never was. The published front page as a draft-only copy, never intended for printing. I build the parts of the paper, using the draft front page as a reminder of stories that might or might NOT go to print. That was the case here.

The stories on the short-haul barge and Elvis performing for us were also incorrect. Pity nobody complained.

And, if you can stomach it, here is the full version of Kim Richards’ rant about me. Just count the #fakenews entries. She was quite clever in that. I got a warning from Facebook, most likely due to the large number of occurrences of #fakenews in the single conversation.

But she didn’t count on my recording a printout of the FACTS behind her defamation of me… whoops.

All four pages of it.


Enjoy the FACTS of the online conversation. Sorry, Gerard, I do have the FACTS. LOL




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