The man who wouldn’t be King. Prince Philip dies a couple of months short of 100 years.

The man who wouldn’t be King. Prince Philip dies a couple of months short of 100 years.


            Prince Philip in 1992

I just read the ABC news article on the life and times of Prince Philip – The man who would not be King.

Herein is a quite long story which, as JRR Tolkien wrote about ‘Lord Of The Rings’
” The tale grew in the telling “
For those regularly bored with my monologues, just skip to the ABC’s story, link provided.
Having a very English upbringing from the age of about 2 to 12, when we left England for Canada, then shuttling back and forth from Canada, Australia and England until I was finally settled in Australia at the age of 14 – a remarkable change for a ‘little pommy bastard’. Of course, that made me a ‘Royalist’ That really stuck with me for life, I suppose. I am interested but not fanatical about the Royal family.
I actually hit a member of the Royal family – Viscount Lindley at school. Later in life, I met the bodyguard of Princess Ann, Police bodyguard Jim Beaton (who had been shot in the line of duty), he then left England for Australia. and then worked for my Dad who was the General Manager of the RSPCA (another Royal Connection!). hurt, as children will. I had only been told of my adoptive nature a year or so before. But I did not yet know of the lies told by the adoption agency about the ‘supposed’ death in a car accident of my parents. All government lies.
I was 38 years old when I finally met my second, loving. mother. So I suppose I really was and still am a bastard, and ironically proud of it.
I was respectful of the Royal traditions, a thousand years old, after all. Did they earn that respect? Well, for the times in which they ruled, I suppose they were worthy of respect, but not necessarily worshipfulness.
Either way, Prince Phili[ was well characterised in the TV drama “The Crown”, whid, while a docudrama, nevertheless gave a good insight into

“The man wouldn’t be King”

Vele Prince Philip, you did a lot of good, especially in the Dule of Edinburgh Award. Perhaps not so much in his self confessed and humorously quoted ‘Dentopedology’ or ‘foot in mouth’ affliction:)
Vale Prince Philip. Longest-serving Consort, Naval Officer, and Duke of Edinburgh Award Patron. Was a Commander (active service) in World War II aboard HMS Magpie, HMS Magpie. Served in seven battles/operations/invasions ..Second World War. Awards:
Mentioned in dispatches
Croix de Guerre with Palm
Greek War Cross
Only a month or so shy of 100 years, started life in a refugee in an orange crate as an 18-month-old baby in 1922, ended it at almost 100 years old (his centenary would have been only a couple of months hence upon the 10th June, tonight being 10th April. his life ended as a Prince. Quite a journey.


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