‘Circumstances beyond my control’

 ‘Circumstances beyond my control’

          Correct front page


Here are the FACTS. The December/Summer edition of DOTS was not the correct copy.
I rang the printers on Friday and sent them an email at the same time. I received a response on Monday (yesterday) which I forwarded to Kim Richards the same day,

That had cleared up the whole mess. Kim replied, thanking me for the email and explanation.

I wrote:

Hi Sean,
The most recent edition of DOTS was the wrong version. Several pages were incorrect. Most importantly the front page. Kevin Jones did a great job in getting it out in time, however, the version he used was not the final copy, but a draft.

I am not necessarily seeking compensation, just acknowledgment that the issue was printed in error, as it has caused some strong embarrassment.

Tim Barker


The  Manager replied


Hi Tim

I hope this helps.


In the case of the last issue, I think we were up to about version 3 or 4 that he had sent me, it was on the day that we needed to print the job that night (I think Friday or over the weekend). I believe he understood that, but I must have been mistaken.

We used the version that looked good and what I understood was the final version. But I was mistaken, the image size etc was correct, but the content was not on a couple of pages.


I am putting this on my website, because, unlike Facebook, additional comments can’t be placed or removed, further muddying the timeline waters.

So, it truly was ‘Circumstances beyond my control’

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