The ‘fly through’ explained


The ‘fly through’ explained

Recently the RCC promoted the Weinam Creek PDA by means of what is called a ‘fly through’. It is artificial reality and it is not known how accurate or inaccurate it may eventually prove to be. Certainly, the draft image is different from the image from the camera. But which (if either) is the closest to being the correct plan is anyone’s guess. They could all be wrong, it is a Draft plan and not a real camera, after all.

There is still consultation to happen.

I have provided an image of the area, with time notes so you can better understand exactly where the view is. Time is in YELLOWThe direction of view (which way the camera is pointing) is shown with a BLUE arrow.
Here is a link to download an MP4 file Creek redevelopment.mp4
There is a youtube presentation at the end.

It’s kinda tricky, the camera flies like a drone or helicopter and only sometimes gives you a full high altitude view, which is a pity.


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