Australian Open
behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement.
“I can’t believe my own stupidity”
I started this post just two days ago (14/1/2021). This saga has escalated rapidly.
All bets are off, so ignore everything except the latest, which I am now re-writing.. (don’t ask)A couple of snippets from the ABC News website:
“Dozens of players who flew into Melbourne for the Australian Open will be confined to their rooms and unable to train for 14 days after passengers on two charter flights tested positive for COVID-19.”

“More than 120 people, including 47 players, have been counted as close contacts of the three positive cases, who arrived on charter flights into Victoria from Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi on Friday morning.”

Don’t know who is responsible, nor whom sympathies should be felt. It’s just a bloody big no-win..

Hope they can salvage something…

UPDATE 16/01/2021
HERE’S THE ABC’s story:

It was only yesterday that I wrote about how STUPID the Australian Open organisers were being, allowing 1,200 overseas people into the country.. right?

I thought (not really seriously) that I should take bets about if we got someone who was Covid positive. That was late yesterday. Guess what we get today?
Yep, a Covid positive tennis player who has had it TWICE is to be allowed onto a plane for Melbourne.

Is this ‘plane called the ‘Ruby Princess’ as well?

Here is an excerpt from the ABC article:

Key points:

  • Sandgren tweeted he tested positive to COVID-19 on Monday and claimed he also returned a positive result in November
  • He tweeted he had been barred from boarding a chartered flight in Los Angeles before being allowed to fly
  • COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria said Sandgren had been cleared to travel to Australia

COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria released a statement this afternoon saying it had reviewed Sandgren’s positive test result “as per standard processes” and he was cleared to travel to Australia.

It said the evidence in Sandgren’s case “suggested he had recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection and is still shedding viral particles”.

I give up. Are ALL celebrities, especially Sports Stars immune to the laws of the land, the laws of physics and immune to all disease?

here is the ABC News link:

Tennys Sandgren said he tested positive to COVID-19 earlier this week.(AP: Lee Jin-Man)

You could also call it going to the tennis (cricket, football, basketball, etc, etc, ad nauseam). In case they missed it we have a PANDEMIC, I can only presume that they are aware of this well-publicised event. Almost as popular as the Tennis.

We are told to wear masks, so people have to wear them until they enter. HUH? while you can be socially distanced you have to wear a mask, but as soon as you get into a crowd – off comes the mask. I suppose you can shout better and spread virus droplets more efficiently that way.

“The first of 15 charter flights bringing roughly 1,200 players, support staff and tennis officials will arrive in Melbourne on Thursday evening, Victorian Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said.”
Oh Great, we are flat-out managing to get our own citizens home safely. Seems every second international flight has a new case. So let us import them by the THOUSANDS!
Here’s a good one:

All officials will need to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine, like any other international arrival in Australia.

But players and one other person they can nominate for support only need to spend two days in quarantine before they can leave to attend training, as long as they test negative.

Anybody care to bet if the 2 day quarantine gets broken bt a player? (They have their own rules, these sports celebrities)
Oh and exact HOW many officials are flying in? The number stated is one thousand two hundred. Think about that number. I should lay bets that there will be at least one infection. I wonder if ‘sportsbet would oblige?

OK for the full story, see the ABC site HERE

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