MY MUSIC PICKS  –  TOTALLY COOL−273.15 °C or Absolute Zero-NOTHING (almost) is cooler

−273.15 °C or Absolute Zero-
NOTHING (almost) is cooler

Actually, I found the article I was looking for. It refers to there being a value actually lower than zero degrees Kelvin. Here it is, I’m sure an enquiring mind like your will like it:

Coolest temperature possible

Velocity-distribution data of a gas of rubidium atoms at a temperature within a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero. Left: just before the appearance of a Bose–Einstein condensate. Center: just after the appearance of the condensate. Right: after further evaporation, leaving a sample of nearly pure condensate.

Highest temperature possible

As such, it seems that the highest possible known temperature is 142 nonillion kelvins (1032 K.). This is the highest temperature that we know of according to the standard model of particle physics, which is the physics that underlies and governs our universe.


And now for something completely different..

(some are almost tributes to classics)

The 2021’s Barbra Streisand
The 2020’s (David Bowie)
The 2000’s (Boston Dynamics)
The 90’s(Queen)
The 80’s (Pink Floyd)
The 70’s (Supertramp)
The 60’s (The Animals)

Very similar to the 1976 Brisbane Festival Hall Crime of the Century Tour, which I attended – I was only 18!
Right down to the super-ultra-strong lights and all-white clothing and the Crime of the Century finale!



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