Try the “Pepsi Challange – do you want the ‘new’ FB or the ‘Classic’ FB You now have a choice..

Try the “Pepsi Challange – do you want the ‘new’ FB or the ‘Classic’ FB 
You now have a choice..

An option for the new Facebook “look and feel”, which is being forced upon us. I found this little gem. It’s called “Fluff Buster” Purity. or FB Purity for short. and to avoid getting sued, I guess.
The only good thing I found in the “New” version, was the dark screen option! I wonder if they will offer that as an option later on?
I tried it, it works, Facebook is back to its old self again!

HERE  is the link

I am supposed  to be unbiased. Another good feature is the way the new FB handles posting to groups. But I can just switch back – post – and switch back..


New FB home

FB Purity Home (Classic FB)

New FB Home with notifications pane

FB Purity Home with notifications panel (Classic FB)

Oh – the Easter egg:

The Pepsi challenge explained. Which is why DOTS is better than FBI .. just ‘Join the DOTS and see ..
Just ask Smiley from Watts Up Solar. Now he knows his advertising tactics, just his business name says it alone!
Here is the Pepsi challenge

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