The Cash Cow

Once upon a time there was a novel election campaign, The Cash Cow. Our current Councillor, Mark Edwards began his tilt for Council sometime in late 2008, continuing it through the end of the year and into the next year’s State election. He failed in his efforts for a State position, but was successful in his Council aspirations.

Here is a (mostly) complete compilation of the flyers which were distributed around and about the SMBI. A few remain and Clem Ebber managed to corral the wayward Cash Cow and gathered together the following.

None were specifically dated, so the temporal order may have been through a version of the TARDIS, there are some which are in correct order, others which ‘seem’ to follow one another and a few which cannot be identified where they lie in the order.

Thanks to Chris Connor for supplying the originals and to Clem Ebber for the scanning

Some latecomers…



I call these A & B, no indication of a date, but they do seem to follow one after the other..

These three above are a complete mystery…

The following are in some order.. September..

And now October

Unsurprisingly followed by some from November..

As night follows day, we have December (including an Christmas present)

And with elegant inevitability we have January..

If there was a flyer for February, we don’t have it. And so, we present .. March!

On April 21st we went to the polls for a Local Government election, which Cr Edwards won. So, until now, the Cash Cow has been put out to pasture doing not a lot, except perhaps undergoing a transformation to:



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