Weinam Creek

In my searches for information (can’t even remember what it was now) I happened upon this remarkable document.
Remarkable because it seems to strongly indicate that the recent works at Weinam Creek, (I refer to the infamous 8.5 million dollar bus stop), were planned for, with draft (indicative) plans by Council in the last decade!
Among other noteworthy items the following issues ere to be addressed:
• more service connections to the ferry terminal
• future island bus services
• improved barge services (and hours of operation)
• better integrated ferry/bus timetabling
• integrated ticketing on bay island ferry services
• a park’n’ride facility in the southern end of the city
All of which seem strangely familiar, at the same time being strangely absent in any way, with the exception of Translink, a late starter…

There is just so much that can be said about Weinam Creek. For many, the first thoughts are of hopefully finding a car parking place closer than half a kilometre from the ferry.
For some mainland residents parking is a business, and little else. It almost seems that there are more residential car parking blocks than those actually being used for purely residential purposes
There has been speculation about a Priority Development Application since it’s announcement. There is still speculation, with not even a draft plan on the horizon. Please note the date in the top right hand document, bottom right corner of the header image – SEPTEMBER 2009 – ZOOM CONTROLS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH DOCUMENT
So, here is a proposal for what may be expected to come to fruition sometime this decade, perhaps, maybe, in the fullness of time and at the appropriate juncture…

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