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  PLANNED POWER OUTAGES ACROSS SMBI Planned maintenance outages Unfortunately. there does not seem to have been a lot of promotion of this outage. There are some notices on facebook, but nobody (that I know of) has mentioned any letterbox drops! So here is the link, it is the only […] Continue reading

Russell Island Crime Wrap

Russell Island crime wrap, November SGT Tim McKINNEY on Nov 18, 2019 @ 1:50pm Assault and property damage: A 35-year-old man from Russell Island will appear in Cleveland Magistrates Court on December 12, charged with multiple offences including serious assault, wilful damage, public nuisance and obstruct police after an incident that […] Continue reading


Asset Based Community Development

  Asset Based Community Development   Dear SMBI Community Members At last week’s wellbeing hub meeting on Russell Island, people suggested that there were a lot of great aspects of the islands (including highly skilled ‘go to’ people, services, parks and halls) that haven’t really been mapped out. Creating a […] Continue reading


  ARTISTS AT WORK 2019 INVITATION MACLEAY ISLAND ARTS COMPLEX ARTISTS AT WORK 2019 Please join us for a day of fine art, pottery, sculpture, weaving, food and great company on the coastline of Macleay Island. Date: Easter Sunday 21 April 2019 Time: 10am to 3pm Place: Macleay Island Art Gallery Contact: Suzie […] Continue reading


WORLD PREMIERE, MACLEAY PROGRESS HALL!! Macleay Progress Association presents Perchance Players production of  ‘Bonnet for Eliza’, an original play written by Margaret Dakin. Created from historical facts of the life of Eliza Davis, a typical Irish convict transported to Tasmania where, over a period of fifty years, we learn what […] Continue reading


Macleay Island Foreshore Development

There is debate about the Macleay Island Foreshore Development. At (another) $8,500,000 to be spent from State coffers and this time Council as well, we could (and should) expect that the debacle of the Mainland ‘Bus Stop’ blowout in time and budget won’t be repeated. The immediate issue is the […] Continue reading

CCTV and Council Decisions.

  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?| Who guards the guardians? A very important motion being brought before council this Wednesday. Are there any loopholes, like the area of responsibility for monitoring, which is not yet under any responsibility. 14.1 NOTICE OF MOTION – CR EDWARDS 14.1.1 CLOSED CIRCUIT SECURITY SMBI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE On  4  September  2017,  in  accordance with  s.3(4)  POL‐3127  […] Continue reading


Island carpark CCTV cameras

Hello Bay Islanders, Just a quick heads-up on the cameras, we have had some really promising progress with the MBCIA fundraiser for the extra cameras in the island carparks, currently waiting for a quote from a local supplier as well as a few bureaucratic hurdles to conquer. As you know, […] Continue reading