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  STABBING VICTIM IDENTIFIED The victim has been identified as John Windle, 41. The man’s Aunt, who lived opposite on High Central Road said, according to The Advertiser, and Adelaide paper, he would be sorely missed. The full story, with pictures may be read on The Advertiser’s website HERE .

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Homicide investigation, Macleay Island

Homicide investigation, Macleay Island From Qld Police Media. Police have commenced investigations into the death of a man on Macleay Island this afternoon. Initial investigations indicate shortly after 12pm officers were called to an address on High Central Road with reports of a man being stabbed. When officers arrived the […] Continue reading

Councillors elect a new Deputy Mayor

  Councillors elect a new Deputy Mayor Councillors elected Cr Lance Hewlett as Redland City’s new Deputy Mayor at the General Meeting this week. Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams congratulated Cr Hewlett on his appointment. “I look forward to building on and strengthening the leadership legacy delivered in partnership with […] Continue reading


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Council confirms land purchase

The rumours have been confirmed and hopefully dispelled. For once they were true. Read on gentle reader.. Media Response – Council spokesperson Yes. Council has taken the opportunity to purchase land at 3 Bayview Road, Russell Island ( lot 6 RP122307) when the land became available for fair market value. […] Continue reading

Macleay Island Foreshore Development

There is debate about the Macleay Island Foreshore Development. At (another) $8,500,000 to be spent from State coffers and this time Council as well, we could (and should) expect that the debacle of the Mainland ‘Bus Stop’ blowout in time and budget won’t be repeated. The immediate issue is the […] Continue reading

CCTV and Council Decisions.

  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?| Who guards the guardians? A very important motion being brought before council this Wednesday. Are there any loopholes, like the area of responsibility for monitoring, which is not yet under any responsibility. 14.1 NOTICE OF MOTION – CR EDWARDS 14.1.1 CLOSED CIRCUIT SECURITY SMBI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE On  4  September  2017,  in  accordance with  s.3(4)  POL‐3127  […] Continue reading


Island carpark CCTV cameras

Hello Bay Islanders, Just a quick heads-up on the cameras, we have had some really promising progress with the MBCIA fundraiser for the extra cameras in the island carparks, currently waiting for a quote from a local supplier as well as a few bureaucratic hurdles to conquer. As you know, […] Continue reading

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It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

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