Directory Of Trades & Services

Once upon a time there used to be a listing of almost every business and organisation on the Islands. It was called D.O.T.S. (Directory Of Trades and Services) and it was much loved and used.
This was presented, free of charge, for 3 years in Bay Island News. Later it matured into it’s own publication, an ‘Advertiser’,  a small A4, glossy, colour publication.
With the demise of the print version of Bay Island News, so also a decent Island Directory died.

I didn’t like that, so I have done something about it.


Summer 2019




And here, in plain english, are some of the ways I do business (I hate the term “terms and conditions'”), or the “Rules and Regulations”, if you like…

It will save you LOTS when you “JOIN THE DOTS”

I’ll cut straight to the chase – prices (that’s what you want to know…)

1/4 page $60
1/2 page $110
Full page $200

Premium pages, Inside covers, centre spread, front and back prices on request.

Over 4,500 printed, delivered to all  household’s (except those with ‘no junk mail’, etc) across ALL islands. ALSO to coffee shops, real estate agents, Taxi’s, SMBI Little bus, IGA,, Emerald Isle and 5 Star shopping centres.  Basically everywhere…

Now that’s a bargain…

A very brief history of DOTS ..

I formed DOTS (Directory Of Trades and Services) as an inexpensive advertising alternative. At the time I was running a very large and (admittedly) expensive paper – Bay Island News (BIN). I saw the need and acted.

After a bad business partnership, DOTS was suddenly shut down, followed by the Stradbroke Island section of BIN, then eventually BIN itself was replaced with a one shot wonder “The Curlew Crier”.

Half a decade later, I brought it back. There were tears of joy and dancing in the streets!

I’m not your usual cat when it comes to advertising in business in general. Some say, foolishly, but I take people at their word. As my word is my bond, generally I dislike the idea of contracts, but acknowledge that there may come a day…

As I inferred above, I do things differently. Advertising is on an “Opt Out ” basis. Of course it is your choice entirely if you wish to advertise, I have found that advertisers prefer this method. They never miss an edition this way. And I don’t have to chase around every three months, asking the same old questions. To ‘opt out’ simply give me an edition’s notice. Your advert will AUTOMATICALLY be reprinted in the next edition.

I remember when I advertised in the then ‘Bay Island Times’, my computer services. I was always worried that I might miss out, I often had to make changes to my artwork in a monthly bases. Much easier this way, you can have me call you (if you insist), to check for any changes. On the rare occasion I did miss out, It was reflected in my amount of business, so I have been in your shoes!

An edition is three months, or a season, a quarter, whatever you want call it. That is the period that the DOTS paper is printed.

Being a quarterly (or seasonal) publication. there are a few, unusual, deadlines.


Bookings are accepted until the fortnight prior to ‘ PRINT DAY ‘, the day I upload the paper to my printers.


I require an edition’s notice. That means three months. Now sometimes I can be flexible, but ALWAYS require at least a month’s notice. I have sometimes has people wanting to cancel 3 or 4 days before PRINT DAY.

Changes and alterations.

These may be simple text changes or a complete rebuild of an advertisement. It varies. It might also be a change in position within the paper from on page to another, this means giving multiple advertisers notice, getting permission from them all, etc, etc.


Payment is in advance, the standard for the print industry. On rare occasions a small period if credit may be allowed. However, I have to pay thousands of dollars to print, in advance, so I expect you to do me the same courtesy and also pay on advance. pay as little, sometimes, as $60, fair’s fair.

It was recently suggested to me to offer an automatic debit service, whereby, a monthly payment is automatically made to my bank account (one third of your payment). I’ll ask around and get some feedback about this.


I have been trying to avoid signed contracts; my word is my bond, as the saying goes. However, at some point before Christmas, I will likely request a simple ‘Authority to Advertise’ be emailed to me.



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For those who prefer to download their own copy :
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