Here we go:
1. The arrears, despite the headline are not only for the SMBI. They include 24 properties across the city from Russell (17) to Macleay (3) and mainland suburbs of Victoria Point, Sheldon, Capalaba and Birkdale with one each.
2. The amount for SMBI, last time last in 2015 was $240,000 or about $8,500 each block. So our share is going to be about 18 x $8,500 or $153,000. But that doesn’t make for a big headline.
3.Mainland properties will account for about 98% of the arrears.
4. If I were to use the same style of ‘journalism’ I could then say that mainlanders from those suburbs of Victoria Point, Sheldon, Capalaba and Birkdale were 98% of the rates defaulters.
5. When is SMBI going to pay their share? They will pay when Capalaba pays, Cr Elliot!
6. The ‘cranky Residents’ were protesting the poor management of fire preparedness of SMBI blocks. With particular reference to Council owned blocks in particular.
Moreton Bay Combined Island Association President, Greg Hartay-Szabo said:
‘ I find the subtitle under the picture “cranky residents” outrageous, actually. None of those on the picture, the ratepayers we represent, are at fault of the neglect and shortcomings we are not receiving in return for our rates. Diabolical inference…’
Unsurprisingly, more fires started after a few weeks.
7. Greg Hartay-Szabo pointed out that, ‘The Macleay fire was on 18 November 2016; first Russell fire 15 December 2016, second Russell fire 8 February 2017. The rally at council was on 25 January. We also organised a post-fire community meeting on Russell Island on 22 January, 3pm at St Peter’s Church.’

But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!

And from Clem J Ebber, past president of the MBCIA, and Convenor of the Transport and Infrastructure Working Group of the SMBI Futures Forum And Master of Engineering Architecture (Ger) MEngArch(Ger).

“What sort of very poor journalism is this? The people in the picture were protesting abut the neglect which led to the recent bushfires on Russell Island. What does this have to do with unpaid rates, Mr Brian Williams?”


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