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It is a mobility scooter. Fully adjustable ‘captain’s’ chair. genuine 2nd owner. Previous was literally a little old lady who went only 400metres twice weekly.
On board charger, 64 a/hr of batteries.
Onboard charger WITH AMP METER.
Easy disassembly (that’s how we brought it to the ferry from Vicky point, in the back of the car). Always been on charge and undercover, as it should be.
Fits on waterbus and on Council Buses (the trick is to reverse on). Easy trip to the city -Turbot st – and back, via bus. If a maxi taxi, $20 to Cleveland with discount card.
Bought for sister in law, not needed as she moved away from islands.
In some ways it is better than my brand new one (see in background).
Regenerative braking – it recharges going down a hill and that works very well.
Needs a couple of light bulbs for indicators, that’s all.
Cash/Funds transfer. No insulting offers please. This is a good, reliable machine.
Can drive it to other jetties for serious inspections, first to inspect will buy. That’s what I did, raced to the nearest ATM to grab the cash to buy, never looked back…