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From my very first website in October/November 1995 I have been generating websites for pleasure and profit.
To this day I remember that first site, for a spice importer. I made, if memory serves about $1,000. Now that was a lot of money back then! Over the years, ironically prices dropped, or I should say, plummeted. Young bloods, seeking a quick buck in the dot com bubble helped fuel this. They had technical know-how, but little business experience.

That is where my wide range of employment came to the fore. And with every Website I created, that experience increased. From online Art Galleries to Swimwear (we won’t mention the Adult sites) even a Russian Brides Website. Brakes, Electrical, Builders – just about everything.

I loved it! Always learning something new and fresh about unknown businesses….

How many? U started counting one day, I got to 800 and stopped. Nobody would believe me anyway. The software I used was critical to my success. I saw the writing on the wall in the early ’90s. I had injured my back in a workplace accident, so as I had been messing about with computers since 1981 (nobody to fix your computer except yourself), I decided to change careers from Industrial supplies and hardware to computers, enrolling at the then leader of IT studies, Ithaca TAFE. I was the oldest student, and quickly got put into the position of President of the Student association. It was now 1991/92 -ish. The Internet had just started, No Windows ’95. Only windows for workgroups and Unix (not really even Linux), but networking was on the rise…Tim Berners-Lee on August 6 1991 posted a short summary of the World Wide Web project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup, inviting collaborators.
Everyone doing the Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Computing) – no mention of Information Technology yet – was wanting to get into this new field, so it was that I had to approach the ‘powers that be’ for a course to be created. No troubles they said. This usually takes up to seven years, they said.
Something like 70% dropped out ti study the Internet, The new protocold and the mysteries of Hypertext Markup Language; that’s HTML to you now.
No such thing as Websites. You got a Web Page or two fronted by a ‘Home Page’ and that was it. You wrote it (that’s coding today) in notepad!
By 1995, Microsoft Word had the very rudimentary capability to ‘sort of’ make an HTML page. It was primitive, but it worked. I used it and notepad to do my first site.
As is usual, things took off, Dreanweaver, Frontpage and Netobjects Fusion were the frontrunners in WYSIWYG.. What you See Is What You Get.

I took my compensation payout and flew to the USA, twice, once to San Francisco, then to Seattle. To buy this new wonder software, attend a seminar or two (which I cannot really remember), But I brought back half a dozen copies of Fusion, the Company CEO was impressed that someone came all that way…

Now I had the winning edge. But all that free time got gobbled up with more learning. Graphics, networking, Internet, Server software, the list was endless..
By 1997 I found myself as an ISP with 24 or 36 modems, selling dialup connections at 33.6 Kbps, which then went up to 56Kbps ! Wheee1.

By now I was a WebMaster. You had to have a rare skillset to become one, you still do. Conversant, not only with the Web, you needed real life business experience across, as I said dozens of differing industries. Of course than you needed to know about Domains, Email, Graphics, Web protocols.. and so on and on and on…

By 2000 I was On The Gold Coast doing Websites fill time, not making a fortune, but enough to feed a family of four and build a house on acreage at Mudgereeba, I had fallen into a couple of contract (actually 3 or 4) jobs, two down the coast, one in Brisbane. The commute was killing me! Traffic drove me from the Gold Coast to Macleay Island. Then the GFC hit. I lost the contract work and switched horses back to computer sales and repairs, eventually opening not one, but two shops, with the occasional website just to keep my hand in.

Then I had to go and agree to take over the local newspaper, as the owners had quit the islands and the paper – another set of skills, publishing. Not that different from Websites really, new software, but I was used to that, better writing needed, but I was, it seems gifted there, so onward I went, until I had a stroke. It was all down hill from there. I got MS in 2015, just to top it off!

And so – back to websites, just goes to show, you never know what the fates have in store for you.

And here we are….

If you want an example of my work, you are looking at it and if you are still here, you just read about it!

Anybody want a Website?

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