So, what is this “D.O.T.S. thing anyway?

Well, D.O.T.S. was founded in 2012 as an inexpensive advertising production for local small to medium businesses. The name stands for  “Directory Of Trades and Services” and was an adjunct to the much larger and hugely popular Bay Island News, a monthly publication – 30% larger than A4 in size.

D.O.T.S. is a community oriented advertising publication.  In over  3 years, Bay Island news advertised Island businesses (as well as mainland businesses servicing the Islands), generating a wealth of satisfied customers.

As time progressed, so also did Bay Island News to an online presence, D.O.T.S. also changed to a more simple, down to earth publication. Gone is expensive and wasteful ‘Glossy full colour’ magazine-style coffee table monthly editions

As I ran a paper for 3 years, I know there is a need for a monthly production, or even better an online website. Online is the way not only of the future, but of the present. Bay Island News has changed to online for that very reason.

However, I listen, think and then act. There is still demand for a printed publication, one which has all the local business that we need and employ in so many differing ways. Plumbers,,carpenters, lawyers all need to be seen before actually conducting some business.

D.O.T.S. is not a monthly publication, nor bi monthly. Printed quarterly D.O.T.S. strikes the correct balance for new businesses needing promotion and existing businesses reaffirming their existence. This saves money!

Indeed, it saves businesses quite a lot of money. Here is how much a typical business can save almost $200 per quarter, compared to other, local publications:

Firstly, D.O.T.S. provides more space. Lots more space. In comparison to other publications, D.O.T.S. advertisments of the same price are NINE times larger. Instead of a tiny little advert 1/12 of a page squeezed in to a corner, D.O.T.S. gives a full quarter of a page at a lower price.

Given that businesses don’t really change their name or type of business every month, publishing quarterly is a big saving. Doing the maths is boring, but the practical upshot is a saving of $198 every 3 months – almost $800 a year! Have a long weekend holiday!

Also Community Contacts are essential, D.O.T.S. also fills that need with the ever popular ‘Trades and Services Directory. Not a picking of a dozen paid one line numbers. D.O.T.S has over 350 listings in the rear of every publication!

Nor is it alone, all by itself. Every Advertiser can have at either at a reduced rate or often free advetisment in the online NewSite Bay Island News, which you are currently reading. Rapidly becoming the central news hub for the Islands, Bay Island News (or BIN, an unfortunate acronym!), provides features, stories and alerts in almost real time. This was evidenced during last years devastating bushfires on Russell and Macleay, publishing information and images within sometimes moments of events occurring.

And last, but not least, here is our online version of the Trades and services directory – free to all our local entities, be they a business or Community organisation….Enjoy!


1st Contact Carpet Clean


0414 752 751
5 Star


3409 5408
Airport Transfer Bay Air


0422 691 971
Alan Robinson


0439 719 971
Alkatraz Art


0415 728 470
All Island Earth Works


0410 085 365
All Things Hair

Health n beauty

3409 5999
AMS Law                                1300 731 358


1300 731 358
Ask DaveDecking


0417 484 373
Aunty Alice’s Café


3409 2002