Bay Island News, was founded in Sept 2010 at the imminent collapse of it’s predecessor, Bay Island Times.
The BIT’s editor specifically asked the new editor (yours truly) to take over as, “nobody else on the Islands has the necessary skills”.
Ah, modesty, where are you now?|
It is true, though. I hand wrote (coded) my first website in October/November 1995 – so 20 odd years of websites helps a bit. A printed newspaper is basically a hard copy of a website.
A website can, however keep up with news, Community and so much more…
The numbers show the facts of the ability of a properly constructed site to reach an audience quickly.
Here is the example – over 7,000 pages viewed over 4,000 sessions  and 1,640 users. To explain all that technobabble…
A user visits a website and has a session on the site. This is where the user looks around at page(s) which are of interest, that is called a pageview.

And so, Smith is told of an article by a friend, for example. Smith goes to the site and views 3 pages (PAGEVIEWS) in one session (SESSION) but Smith is still only one USER. Clear as mud now?

Analytics www.bayislandnews.com.au Audience OverviewMonthto13-10 20170913-20171013

And now Gentle Reader, for the technically minded among you, who like delving into the depths of hows, whys and wherefore’s (yes I’m talking to BOTH of you – so pay attention!)

It has taken a very long time to get this site to where I am reasonably happy with it. There was an abortive attempt, which I launched just after leaving hospital. Nothing wrong with it, per se, however times had changed and I hadn’t.

As the times went by, so the technology moved. Now, as can be seen on the waterbus, people have eschewed printed media in favour of hand held devices. While U saw the rise of the laptop and the notebook – mobile phones eluded me.

So, I had to dump the software which I had been using since, oh July 1997 (I remember the date, as I flew to Seattle to collect some ‘First Edition’ copies). Hard to leave, but the age of the portable device is well and truly arrived.

So, it was back to school for me. First time I learnt website development it was 1995. The technology was, to say the least, primitive. Notepad and MS Word. And a lot of ‘coding’. This time it was much, much easier. In ’95 there was virtually no help, printed and definitely no halo forums (that should be fora).

It took me a couple of painful months, but I’m now back on top of things, which brings me to the dreaded search engines and rankings and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Below you can see two graphs. The first shows what happens to your visitors if you make a stupid mistake (a real Ooops moment), the bottom shows what happens when you fix it. It can be seen that the visits, pageviews, everything came to a halt like hitting a brick wall on Oct 15th (actually this can also be seen in the uppermost graph as well).

The image below can be seen to illustrate that after I fixed my silliness, the numbers rose steeply and immediately. The bottom image shows a full month’s statistics very clearly, from 17th Sept to 18th October.

It was on October 9th, after a ‘slow news’ week, that the feed back to google ceased, you can see the numbers flatline from the 15th an immediate resurgence is quite obvious.

Why am I babbling on like this? Transparency, that’s why. Waaaay back in the internet dark ages, I suppose it was ’98 or ’99 I was employed by a thoroughly disreputable man, who used that self same software as I did. Only he manipulated data to show that he could ‘guarantee’ a NUMBER 1 position on any search engine. Then google didn’t exist, but there were many others (this was during the ‘dot com’ bubble. Alta vista, Lycos Ask Jeeves, there were heaps.

And I came away (I quit, couldn’t stand it any more) with an excellent understanding of how to scam, cheat, manipulate and rip off the unsuspecting newbie business owner who was barely conversant with computers, let alone the World Wide Web!

So I can now take all those ugly skills and turn them upside down, and leave ‘The Dark Side’ and use my skills for my OWN site – and there is absolutely no point in cheating myself. Nor any benefit in cheating my advertisers. Firstly, I charge so little (being on a pension I can’t make much more than oh, $60 per week, I think). Secondly,I can HONESTLY, give advertisers straightforward advice, backed by hard, uncaring data.

And I have the history too. Four years of print media publishing, culminating in 80,000 odd papers per month, glossy, large format, up to 136 pages worth in the various editions….  That’s a helluva lot of paper, trees and not very eco friendly. All that can and will be saved now. Oh, and my ‘reach’ is much wider as well.


Analytics www.bayislandnews.com.au Audience Overview19-10a 20171012-20171018-19-10a


Analytics www.bayislandnews.com.au Audience Overview19-10 20170917-20171018