Help needed!


Help needed!

To go to the election form please click HERE

I need to ask the 5 candidates some questions. So I thought I would ask the Facebook community for some advice.

Just one question per customer, please. Probably, somebody in another group has already thought of and (hopefully) posted other questions…
Please remember, this is YOUR question which I shall be asking anonymously of the candidates. I am, as usual, just the messenger, so please don’t shoot me, OK? 🙂
I plan on sending the questions over the weekend, as I have to edit the site to accept the poll/questions that you might send. That way, I can keep track of duplicates and numbers of questions (which is the most popular) 5 most popular plus one (mine) get asked of each candidate.
Whether they respond or not. Or indeed if they choose to listen will be published…

Actually I’ll ask a hell of a lot more than 50!

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