HNH rollout

Kate St. Macleay Island


I thought that it may be time for a sticky beak at the BNB situation (credit to Sandra Mckeown – she sent me a message).
Anyway, off to NBNco.com.au I went, quite an easy site to navigate.
Here is a montage of 3 images, which is displayed as a single separate page on the site. The data is for my home.

One enormous annoyance. Why did the people at NBN have to use an incorrect and very inappropriate Americanism?
They keep promoting their service as Fibre to the Curb. WRONG.
In Australia we have a KERB where the road meets the footpath or Grass.

restrain or keep in check.
“she promised she would curb her temper”
‘If you don’t curb your speeding habits, you are going to lose your license’Generally speaking it refers to a restriction of some sort. Not the impression one would assume for the fast NBN.. or is it? Time will tell.


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