Psst – don’t bother to ask Telstra for help

Psst – don’t bother to ask Telstra for help


There is yet another email scam doing the rounds. Very, very convincing too.
It kicks off with a subject of :

“Expiration Pending: Please DocuSign: 000C_DEE24_TIM BARKER _Home Bundle_ $90_07 3409 4882.pdf”

There is no PDF. There is however a very convincing message in the email body:

Everything in RED is from the received email.

Telstra Solutions

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your time over the phone. As per our discussion i am sending you the paperwork for your new home bundle plan of _$90_ on 07 3409 4882.
this includes the following:
1)        month to month casual plan
2)        unlimited Data
3)   Unlimited talk in australia
4)   500 calls to 13 numbers

Also I’m linking the paperwork for the proposed plan.

Our next step is to Review the documents and walk you through the steps of signing them digitally using Docusign.

We recommend keeping this email with the attachments in case you have any questions about your plan in the future.

If you need a further assistance with anything, my team and I are always happy to help.

If you have any questions or concerns about this email you can get in touch with us at 0390708168 or by simply replying to this email.

Thanks for choosing Telstra for your Service.

Best Regards

Expiration Pending: This document will expire on 12/1/2020 | 23:59 AEDT at 11:59 pm AEDT.

Of course the images, supposedly from Telstra are all very convincing as well.
The enail tries to send you to a site called ‘docusign’ where presumably you can get a new deal.

Just ignore the email and delete.
DO NOT BOTHER CALLING TELSTRA FOR HELP. They can’t (or won’t) help. As usual you are directed to someone (usually a female) in the Philippines who don’t understand. All they know is how to read from a script, which reads to go to9 the Australian Scamwatch site. HERE 

There is a form (how thoughtful) to fill in, with many technical terms. Hacking, Identity Theft, Phishing or Remote access scams. There is a link shown to the definitions, but it is useless and tells you nothing about the terms, one of which is required. They ask for all manner of information which you could not possibly know, Eg the scammer’s website address, phone number, their email address, their name, your name , your age, your gender.

Of course there are lots of pretty pictures (like the two on this page), which have little relationship to an email.

There are two give away emails,:
Telstra Solutions <> and
Docusign <>
Of  course DO NOT send emails to these addresses.

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