Christmas Telstra scam.. BEWARE

Christmas Telstra scam.. BEWARE

I just received another Indian phone call. Scarily this one sounded genuine. Not a thick Indian accent this time. He was quite understandable.

He knew the email address associated with my (or rater my wife’s) Telstra account. Even I can’t remember what it is, but I recognised it when the scammer mentioned it. He knew the plan we are on, and all the details. He knew our phone number.

In short he sounded convincing and seemed to have the facts to back him up.

When I asked him to send me an email, he did – and I have screen captured it for you to see. I have also circled the give-away email addresses.

These are the scammers email addresses in the email.

There is also a phone number listed to call. I spoke to Telstra, they have no record of this one listed as a scammer, so presumably it is a new one.

Of course you can only see this if you ask for an email to be sent to you, which I recommend against.

Seasons Greetings …

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