High Court Decision – you heard the verdict – Now watch the Video

High Court Decision – you heard the verdict – Now watch the Video

Full bench of the High Court


Usually thought of as dry, even boring, this is the exception to the rule. Although I am not a lawyer and have only a layperson’s understanding of the law (often via American crime movies), I found this video of the recent High Court of Australia’s proceedings in the Fennell Vs The Queen enthralling.

I have sought permission especially for this video to be linked to my site, as part of that permission. And as such I hereby acknowledge the High Court’s rights to the material.

On Monday 12th November 2012 some time in the afternoon, Liselotte Watson was found dead in her bedroom. She had allegedly been bludgeoned to death, with a blunt instrument.

Steven Fennell was arrested for her murder in March 2013. Steve maintained his innocence at all times, only to have that innocence restored in Wednesday, six and a half years later.

I had previously published this link on facebook, but have removed those links, as they did not have the require acknowledgement (as above).

A full explanation of the timeline of events if  those approximate 48 hours may be found here .

I have been advised that I will be able to show the reasons for the High Court’s decision when it becomes available. I’ll advise you when that occurs.

But this is the video you wanted to see (the pertinent part begins approximately at the 20 minute point). There seems to be an issue with this link, which was working.
You will now have to cut and paste into a browser window, apologies this is some issue beyond my control.

http://www.hcourt.gov.au/cases/cases -av/av-2019-09-11

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