How long is a piece of string?

Simple, cut it in half , measure the two bits – then add those numbers together! String theory explained.. Well not really.

I am often asked to explain things – which way is up, why is the sky blue.. and the BIGGIE What is string theory.

Well, OK, I know what it is, but trying to explain how a single, vibrating one dimensional string is.. well, I’ll go back to what is ‘up’ .. Easier.

But I found a neat explanation, given in an elevator ride, 38 floors up (see there is the up again) and then back down (that isn’t sensible why is it ‘back’ down and ‘again’ too – has this been done before while I wasn’t looking?)

Anyeway, here it is, the answer to the question which keeps you awake and more worrisome than your mortgage..

What is String theory

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