Sharon Keegan – Family statementand Funeral arrangements

Sharon Keegan – Family statement
and Funeral arrangements

By now most of you will have heard the terrible news, our mother Sharon Keegan has passed away in her home. Known to some of the Bay Island Community as “the Bird Lady”, “the crazy lady in the jeep” and to a select few, Sharon, Mum was the most passionate mother of all living things, she gave her life to ensure these beautiful creatures were protected and attended to when in need, for that we loved her so much.

We felt it important that all who knew her that we have made sure her babies, the furry ones & the feathered ones are now safe in loving homes. We have Bambi safe with us, he now has 3 more chihuahua brothers and sister, Her cats were both brought home with us as well and are living in a very happy home also. The unreleasable wildlife are also in safe caring homes. The roaming animals (non-native) on her property will all remain on Russell Island and will be re-homed with loving and trusted people by the time this is published.


Mum’s love for all animals was eternal and a significant part of her personality and soul, as her human children we shared her love and passion for these amazing creatures of all shapes and sizes. These were essentially our animal siblings. We are currently doing our best efforts to ensure her legacy continues. 
We know that on top of loving animals, she also loved humans, and we extend the following details to those who would want to be present for her final moment.
July 1st, Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens, Holland Park at 1pm
In her memory and from the bottom of our hearts we encourage that all of you do your best to not forget her efforts or her plight for these animals.
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