Telstra outage saga continues – Good News!


Telstra outage saga continues – Good News!


Well, as I previously reported, Telstra have come good on their promise, being election time, one hopes the political wannabe’s are as reliable.

I received it today, by courier a day AHEAD if when I was told I would receive it. I was tickled pink, until I saw the size of the box, wondering how the phone could fit inside. Answer – my expectations were a bit too high. But ‘good things come in small packages’, as the saying goes.

I am not going to road test this phone, you can check into it for yourselves. It is a Telstra Samsung Galaxy Young, and came out in March 2013 – so it is an older model, but hey! it is free. Sad to say, it is also locked to Telstra and remains their property too.

But it does the job it is intended for, namely an “Interim Telephone Service” phone for those without a mobile, which can have the landline diverted to it.

  The back of my phone


I have quickly scanned the terms. It remains the property of Telstra and cannot leave the premises, that’s just what I noticed in a quick read for further details – Call Telstra on 1300 357 766 (option 3) for all the terms and conditions, and there are a lot of them..
I just called, very helpful – but firm on the usage, at home, during emergencies (or similar) and you must send it back after the faulyt os fixed.

I did explain that what the situation was with NBN messing up our landline and it could take months, that was OK.

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