Samsung Galaxy phone FREE from Telstra


Samsung Galaxy phone FREE from Telstra

Once (or twice) again, our landlines on Macleay Island are not working.

And again I am on the phone (pun intended) to Telstra for compensation and an explanation.

The explanation is that it is a ‘network’ issue. Paradoxically this is actually good news. It means that I don’t have to crawl around to perform the testing of wall sockets, filter/splitters, modems, etc, etc..

There seems to be an ongoing issue with the exchange and the preparatory work for the NBN, they are ‘pulling’ cab;es via their pits. This action seems to be rather apt, because the service has become ‘The Pits”.

If you call them, fight your way through (best to ask immediately for ‘complaints’). The Telstra ‘Customer Service Guarantee’ exists to safeguard a minimum level of performance, which is, or has recently, not been good enough.

Previously, I was offered credits on my account. However, as I pointed out, this dies not help if the service is non functional.

I was then offered a free mobile phone!

After I recovered,  then ascertained that there were not tricks, it was free. No catches. The lady couldn’t tell me which model, but it will be a now, but previous model. Your landline will be diverted to the mobile phone. I even recorded the call fir training and teaching purposes, of course..

Just ask for it – see what happens, mine should be here in three days!

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