Telstra does it again for Macleay Island


Telstra does it again for Macleay Island

Thanks a lot!

The last time was in the 16th of last month. Here we go again..

Same advice as last time, call 13 22 00 and try for complaints. Tech support will have you crawling around on the floor looking for non existent problems with your well socket or internet filter.

Check out the ‘outages’ page:

It will tell you when and what is going on. And if you believe that, I have a bridge you might want to buy – LOL (old joke)

More importantly, HERE is a link about how to get credits for your inconvenience.

Also, get Telstra to divert you landline to your mobile, you can also get credits for the calls you now have to make from your mobile (of course, this presupposes you are with Telstra mobile).

Yes, there’s an outage at this location.
It is affecting your home phone service.
We’re sorry for the interruption. We’re working on getting your service returned as fast as possible.


This is the message you get when you check your address at

Home phone

Home phone
Service is disruptedService is disrupted
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