Another Barge breakdown – eyewitness report

Another Barge breakdown – eyewitness report

Thanks to “Ben” from Facebook Russell Island Chit Chat 2.0 Group.

Barge had a close call with the rocks this morning after attempting to share the ramp with the broken
down boat stuck also on the ramp.


or MP$below

There was a second more successful attempt minutes after.

Which one was broken down? Was waiting for the 9.50 at Russell which never turned up. The Lakarma came in at 10.30.
The 7.20 that departed Russell island is the one that broke down. The 11.05 from Redland bay was also delayed an hour.

It was an issue with the Hydraulics so they couldn’t raise the gate. It took a bit over an hour to get repaired
Some cars were allowed off to fill spare space on the next barge
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