Council adopts new policy on the temporary commercial use of public open space

Council adopts new policy on the temporary commercial use of public open space


A new Council policy will help activate local open spaces and parks, generating economic opportunity while allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the Redlands Coast naturally wonderful locations.


Council’s Temporary Commercial Use of Public Open Space Policy is designed to ensure a vibrant, local economy while minimising impacts on nearby businesses and residential properties.

Mayor Karen Williams said the new policy, adopted by Councillors today, reinforced Council’s commitment to supporting sustainable levels of commercial activity in public parks and other open spaces.

“One of our greatest assets is our open spaces, parks and foreshores and this policy will help activate these areas, while at the same time protect the existing amenity, nearby businesses and surrounding residents,” she said.

“Whether it is enjoying a coffee by the water or grabbing something to eat down at the local park while the children are on the swing, this policy celebrates what everyone loves about Redlands Coast, while at the same time generating economic activity.”

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Cr Williams said Council would develop a Guideline that included separation distances from existing businesses and residential areas, to ensure temporary commercial activities do not impact on nearby residents and established businesses.

“While we want to encourage activation of public spaces, we also don’t want to adversely impact our existing businesses and residents, so the new policy and guideline will ensure new activities are set away from established businesses and people’s homes.

“Council already takes bookings and issues permits for a variety of activities in local parks and open spaces, and this policy will ensure these spaces are used in ways that support the economy, connect communities and maintain a healthy and natural environment – all of which are strategic priorities for Council.

“Following today’s decision, Council will now develop a Guideline and Expression of Interest to capture potential uses in local parks and open spaces.”


Cr Williams said the policy would also maintain the safety and amenity of visitors and other park users while protecting the scenic amenity, ecological, social and cultural values of public parks and open space.


To see Redland City Council’s Temporary Commercial Use of Open Space Policy (POL-3030), visit Council’s website at


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