Emerald Moon on Weinam Creek meeting

Emerald Moon on Weinam Creek meeting


                       Emerald Moon

“I was honoured to join locals at the Weinam Creek rally on Sunday and support their right to have their voices heard.

“While not necessarily a federal responsibility, this issue is emblematic of key concerns that keep popping up for me as the local Greens candidate.

“We are constantly having to deal with decisions being made for us without adequate consultation, and planning processes that lock the community out.
“We’re seeing the systematic use of Priority Development Areas – like at Toondah Harbour – and a short-sighted approach to continued growth in the Redlands.
“The Weinam Creek carpark is a missed opportunity to implement long term strategies – like high frequency, affordable public transport – rather than constantly playing catch up with an eyesore that’ll be out of date in a few years.
“It’s a 20th century solution to a 21st century problem.
“All levels of governments have a responsibility to listen to the community and genuinely involve them in sustainable, long term decision-making.
“If they fail to do so, The Greens and I will continue to join the community in calling them out.”
Let me know if you’d like anything further from me. I’ll also discuss your offer re advertising with my team this week and get back to you.
Best regards,

Emerald Moon
Greens Candidate for Bowman
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