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Even though well attended, peaceful and orderly, the only elected representatives to attend were LNP candidate and incumbent Andrew Laming as well as Labor challenger Dr Tom Baster. The crowd were attentive and on their best behavior, being almost 299 strong, according to previous Liberal member, Peter Dowling, who had the presence of mind to carry out a brief, approximate,  headcount. State member Kim Richards and division 5 Cr Mark Edwards were noteworthy by their absence. Emerald Moon , Green’s Candidate for Bowman was also in attendance.

Dr. Tom Baster Labor CLICK IMAGE TO READ

Via facebook, the general opinion of this lack of local representation has been, at times, scathing.

However, I have been in touch by phone and email with both Andrew and Tom and am expecting their comments and views in the next day.

Meanwhile, some comments from locals:

Emerald Moon Green CLICK IMAGE TO READ

Ann Hagen writes:
What to do about vital issues?
Especially when a secretive council spawned development corporation decides to build a temporary mainland car park at Redland Bay in a former farm that floods with a bat nursery next door (think bat poo on cars).
Especially if the community is divided? And if the division councillor won’t attend a meeting called by one faction with another group very affected by the plan and other islanders attending.
And if the State member isn’t attending either?
The incumbent Federal member apparently will attend (election votes?) but the project is outside anything he can do.
As islanders will know there’s been a Not Happy Jan reaction to what our councillor wrote in the Friendly Bay Islander.
For me the temporary car park is a huge issue and it will affect mainland friends – they fear increased crime with the footbridge to the marina, lots more noise, and roads breaking up. For islanders with a second mainland car it doesn’t make sense!
Our four islands have a bigger than usual seniors population and I don’t think walking up to 800 metres from your car while dragging a trolley is the way to go.
I should explain to those who’ve read this far that islanders regularly shop on the mainland – Aldi, Coles and Woolworths bargains, Bunnings items,etc. So we carry a lot at times.
I could go on but I won’t.
Just upset that two key players, council and State, are choosing to ignore Sunday’s rally.

Junita Grosvenor writes:
So a few months ago , Cr Mark Edwards Met with Redland Bay residents and told them that the Moores Rd carpark would be temporary, and may be turned into a park or sports fields . There is conflicting information here . Who are we to believe? Tim Barker FYI for your newspaper .

Redlands 2030
The community rally held this morning at Weinam Creek to discuss transport to southern Moreton Bay islands was well attended. Community members spoke about the need for a long term solution which will handle expected population growth on the islands. Speakers included Federal MP Andrew Laming and two candidates for the Federal seat of Bowman (Emerald Moon and Tom Baster). Disappointingly, Redland City Council and the state government were not represented.

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