Andrew Laming secures CCTV for Weinam Creek

Andrew Laming secures CCTV for Weinam Creek

It has been a long time coming, a very long time.

After continual changes and buck passing as to responsibility, Andrew Laming has been the one who seems to have delivered on the Weinam Creek CCTV debacle – In a recent Msg, via face book, Andrew kindly had this for me:

$49,920 – Redland City Council will install 15 CCTV cameras to improve safety and reduce criminal activity in the Weinam Creek Precinct: a critical transport gateway between the mainland and Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

The project will directly improve the personal safety of transport patrons, residents and staff in the area through improved response times by local Police as a result of direct access to camera feeds for monitoring and recording. The project will deliver the surveillance capability and evidence necessary to support crime prevention activities and Police resources to apprehend offenders.

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