Just a thought …

Just a thought …

Back to Brissie?


Just a thought, prompted by a post in the Rocky Point Boating Fishing and Camping Club Russell Island Facebook Group.

An Opinion Piece
Tim Barker

Now please don’t take this the wrong way, OK?

Hasn’t the Council got enough on it’s plate already? That is NOT meant
as a potential excuse. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Redland City is one of the smallest if the State’s Cities, population
147,010. Ranking number 10 out of the top ten. Indeed, that was the only
easily available listing to be found at all. Redland City (or Redland
Coast for those with a split personality) rarely gets a mention at all

Certainly not in the State 2018-19 Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review:


In this prestigious document we don’t even exist, Logan does, though.
Nope, we a lumped in with Brisbane.

Which might not be such a bad idea really.

we are dwarfed by the behemoth that is Brisbane and squeezes in between
the mega city and the Gold Coast.

We have the expenses for all the tourism, but to we have the income to
support it? Dies the pitiful cry of a young man’s dilemma with his boat
launching give us a clue?


He was advised, officially, to launch in another area. Fair enough. But
who else would/could receive the same advice, hypothetically speaking.
What other City Councils have to provide waterfront access and
infrastructure. Let’s see… just from memory, er, NONE.

And yet we, the Redlands, as does any Council on the bay or ocean, has
to provide not only for it’s own ratepayers, but also for those from
neighbouring areas

Oh I know, Brisbane has some ramps, so does Logan on it’s River. Gold
Coast has many (but it also has a budget bigger that the State of
Tasmania as well)

We don’t, we can’t, we cannot grow, we have nowhere to expand to.

In the interests of we, the ratepayers (not the Council or it’s paid
representatives – they have a conflict of interests in this discussion –
it is for the benefit of the residents that this should be considered.

What’s that I hear you say?

Oh, give in gracefully, with dignity and honour and petition the State
to absorb our city into the Brisbane area, as the map already shows .

Your considered comments are welcome.

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