SMBI Sector Workshop: Economic Development and Social Enterprises

SMBI Sector Workshop: Economic Development and Social Enterprises


Tuesday 4th September at the Macleay Community Hall


In response to the 23 April stabbing death on Macleay Island, the President of the Macleay Island Progress Association wrote to Cr Mark Edwards, Kim Richards MP and Andrew Laming MP seeking commitment to a roundtable discussion. The primary issues related to a lack of support services for domestic and family violence, mental health and addictions (in particular Crystal Methamphetamine) and other community challenges.

The roundtable and plenary session will be held on 25 September 2018. A process leading to the roundtable includes research and analysis and a number of sector-specific workshops. The priority sectors include:

  1. Children, Youth and Family;
  2. Mental Health and Addictions;
  3. Governance and Social Infrastructure;
  4. Aged Friendly and Disabilities;
  5. Economic Development and Social Enterprises; and
  6. Housing and Homelessness.

It is essential that we work with and are accountable to the SMBI community to enhance outcomes through better integration and coordination of resources. A community-driven solution will provide a better understanding of issues and inform more efficient and effective service responses.

The SMBI Roundtable and Community Governance Implementation Plan establishes a four-phase approach:

  1. Committment to Act (Immediate)
  2. Create a Joint Action Plan (Plenary Session)
  3. Take Action (First-Year Deliverables)
  4. Review and Evolve (Five-Year Strategy)

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