It’s a shell game….a parking shell game


It’s a shell game..a parking shell game


            Where’s the free parking spot?

Roll up, roll up, place your bets, Ladies and Gentlemen, you have to be in it to win it, don’t be shy, have a go, what can you loose?

Council is encouraging us to have our say on Proposed New Local Law and Local Law Amendments

There are plenty to choose from, the number of pets you can have, the birds you can feed, the thorny issue of containers on private land and – wait for it – Our Parking Spot.

There are a couple of PDF maps kindly supplied by Council with the obligatory letters and numbers designated areas with lots of cross=hatching.

Have a look at this one for example:Redland_Bay_-_Proposed_SLL_5_(Parking)_Maps_5A_and_5B (1)-001

That’s everything and everywhere close to the ferry and the barge.

But wait! You want more? After all there is one more (forlorn) hope – the Meissner St carpark. But no, Next slide please Mr projector man…

Redland_Bay_-_Proposed_SLL_5_(Parking)_Maps_5A_and_5B (1)-002

So, that’s absolutely everything covered.
One last thing.

What EXACTLY is this all about?  I hear you ask. Well, there is a fact sheet, it does have facts on it. But the ONE fact we need, which is how long we will be permitted to park, anywhere is missing. I looked, damned if I can find any mention of parking hours anywhere – just ‘Regulation’.

I have to present ALL the facts to hand, so here is, in it’s entirety the ‘Fact Sheet’ and with that I leave you to make your own judgement:



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