Macleay car park changes delayed


Macleay car park changes delayed


Due to unseasonable heavy rain the changeover to the new carpark has been delayed. I shot off an enquiry to council and received this reply:

“Dear Tim,

I understand while I was out you called about the parking change over. Good question and the spate of wet weather has required the changeover date to be reset to the 27 June (from the previously advised 22 June).

All Macleay islanders will now be receiving the flyer update below in their letter box this weekend.

Would be great if you could let your readership know

Council Officer (name withheld).

So, there you have it. By the way, those of us in mobility scooters, watch the new approach road – very very steep. My little motor was screaming as I whizzed down! Of course, then you have to get back up again..
I stopped off and had a chat with the boss man, Matthew Deane who kindly confirmed the delay.

Once again, the ‘last chance’ to move your car from the OLD carpark was on Friday 22nd June.
That is now delayed and your ‘LAST CHANCE’ is now 27th June. Cars will be towed away and charges will apply.

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  1. The Council seems to want to put notices and posters up so quickly it seems that they do not want people to have time to respond to the community consultation comments. This begs the question does the council want to here local residents or SMBI islanders comments or real concerns to do with the car parking situation. The poster say that there will be new parks, but it does not mention that there will only be ten new car parks and that some other changes to the car parks will effect island commuters. Such as cars parking in the barge car park will change to be for those who are going to use the barge only. Currently many other island commuters are using this barge car park, as there is no other choose as we currently do not have enough car parks for the amount of residents rate payers and people living on the SMBI islands. The main secure Redlands City council car park has a ten year waiting list with over 800 people all rate payers waiting for a car space.

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