Homicide investigation, Macleay Island

Homicide investigation, Macleay Island

Police Chopper at MI School oval

From Qld Police Media.

Police have commenced investigations into the death of a man on Macleay Island this afternoon.
Initial investigations indicate shortly after 12pm officers were called to an address on High Central Road with reports of a man being stabbed.

When officers arrived the man was located deceased at the property.

A woman was taken into custody and a crime scene declared.

A team of investigators and scenes of crime officers are expected to arrive on the island shortly.

There are no further details at this stage.

I attended the crime scene shortly after the event. There were perhaps a dozen or so Police there. As is usual there were rumours galore, many of which cannot be reported.

However a woman who was known to locals seemingly has stabbed a man, now deceased, was the chatter among locals watching the scene.

More rumours were of a Channel 7 helicopter landing at the school, which were false, as there was a Police helicopter parked in the Oval.

I had personally heard choppers for some short time previous to getting to the scene (my mobility scooter is slow), a medevac had recently occurred I was told by Fire station personnel. That would explain the ‘heavy lift’ sound of one of the choppers. There was also the sound of several, smaller choppers, which would explain the Chanel 7 and Police choppers.

Video from Chanel 7


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