Kim  Richards Maiden speech in Parliament this morning


Kim Richards Maiden Speech

OK, so I know that her speech is/will be available on the Queensland Parliament website. However you will have to search through 6 hours of speeches to find it!

So I figured that there had to be a better way. I fiddled and fiddled and eventually managed to download 120 or so files making up her speech – it’s just the way things work, don’t ask.

Then I had to find a way to seamlessly stitch them all together. OK, so far so good, that only took 6 bloody hours!

But at least I now have a copy and don’t have to go searching for it online again, and I listened to all of it before I started. It would have been pretty dumb to go to all that trouble for a fizzer of a speech. Well, fizzer it was not. After all the opening comments, to the House, various Indigenous people, the speech proper began. I am not kidding here, the Parliament website didn’t have those clips available. In truth, there are NO clips readily or obviously available, so I had to do some fishing.. LOL. But the opening comments weren’t even there!, So you are spared that!

I had hoped that Hansard would have a copy, but not so. I’ll check tomorrow and email Kim, just in case. I’ll post whatever I can.

As I said, it was quite the speech indeed, we, the Redlanders received the acknowledgement we deserve, being mentioned very eraly in the piece, just after Jacki Trad and AnnastaciaPalaszczuk. Probably my only criticism is that we should have been mentioned before those two politicians, we were the ones who voted her in after all. Without our votes , both Trad and Palaszczuk would still have jibs. Without our votes, Matt McEachan would still be the Redland’s member…

At the beginning Kim regaled us with her list of accomplishments, and it is a very long list and a very impressive list as well. When I went to listen to Kin at Karragarra, I heard the same list, but I have to admit, I tuned out a bit. Naughty Tim, but I’m just another human. But this human can go back and re-listen to her achievements in Architecture design repeatedly. Which I have done, a couple or three times now. I think we got very, very lucky with this powerful, yet polite woman….

See, and hear for yourselves. As Usual, available in multiple formats, MP4 HERE  it’s 116mb, so it takes a while to start (which you can download) and HERE  for Youtube (which you can’t download)

In the meantime,
enjoy the movies.. 🙂


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