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Even if you know your way around the internet, even if you are aware that there are scammers out there – alive and well (unfortunately) – even armed with years of experience warning others….

Even so, they are still there, and they are smart.

I went to a site called ‘Airtasker’, now I’m not saying anything bad about Airtasker, far from it. I even took on a task, I wrote a speech for a Best Man recently and got paid (even though Airtasker messed up the poor guy’s account, I still got paid!).
No, I filled out some “tasks” for entering surveys. Answering questions, so I thought. Well, that it was, but with extras.

Even now, I am getting unwanted phone calls.

Even worse, I am getting text messages. So far they are not out of control, but what happens when my number gets spread around the scammers databases? It has happened to me once already. My email account for bayislandnews, which was “editor at” (notice I’m not putting it up here! I had to shut down that email as I was getting dozens of spam emails. No choice.

The Scammers Website

Almost unbelievably  I even got one from a scammer telling me he got my address when a list of emails was purchased. If I hadn’t been in the middle of being spam attacked, I would never have believed that: Firstly someone had thought my email address was so valuable or Secondly; that this spammer actually TOLD me about it!

Just goes to prove that being intelligent is no excuse for being stupid! I guess that works both ways though.. Damn.

So, somewhere I participated in a survey in something similar, wherein they often ask seemingly innocent questions, such as ‘which charity would you like to donate (in this case, bitcoins – even though I have none), your prize to? Then there is a list of impeccable charities, all well known and reputable.

The only thing they want is your mobile phone number or email address. If they can get your birthday, suburb (just for verification purposes, of course) or bloody shoe size they will!

Si, do a “Sargent Schultz” …..I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing! You Millennials will have to Google ‘Hogans Heros’ to understand that one.

So, in closing, be aware and be afraid.

PS: While I am very, very curious about Bitcoins and may well get into it – at this time I don’t even own a single fraction of a bitcoin, nor have I been to a bitcoin site!! So, they must have a functioning crystal ball!

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