Barge aground at Russell – overnight stopover possible

Barge aground at Russell – overnight stopover possible

From Facebook

The picture tells it all. Stranded on the Russell Island boat ramp the Stradbroke Venture awaits a high tide.

Information gleaned from various Facebook comments indicate that:

Apparently the ramp has broken in some way and could not be raised. This effectively trapped the ‘Venture’ so she won’t be venturing anywhere for at least 24 hours.’, so she can’t live up to her name!

Various people have stated that crew member(s) advised that it was the ramp which was the problem. The barge may not be able to leave, regardless of tides with the ramp in the down position.

Waiting on the Mainland – Facebook

Islanders queued on the mainland in the hope of getting home. It seems that the Lakarma was used to capacity in an effort to get as many Islanders off the mainland and the risk of leaving unattended vehicles liable to being vandalised.

About the tides, the picture isn’t good. Here is the forecast for tide times and heights:
At Sunday, 2.47 pm there was a  high tide of 2.46 Metres,
The next is at next at 11.50pm of 2.23 metres, lower than the high tide on Sunday afternoon.
Tomorrow at 12.42 of 2.31 Metres.No more substantial tides for at least a week.

Sealink released this notice:

Services to/from Russell Island suspended until 5th March

Due to a mechanical failure, vehicle ferry services to and from Russell Island have been suspended. We anticipate that services will resume from approximately 1.00pm tomorrow, Monday 5th March.

No mention of an apology, refunds or reasons. Be aware that ALL services have been suspended, so patrons cannot leave Russell Island either.

Fortunately we have had significant rain so, hopefully the risk of a bushfire is low, but it does throw into stark contrast the chance of NO evacuations available if this had happened last year.


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