Wasted Parking ? A chance for Council to wage yet more fines?

As the saying goes – a picture tells a thousand words.

I was heading to the PA hospital this morning (the car wouldn’t start though), so I had time to snap this image in the ex spoil pit parking area.

My question is simple, why is this a “no parking” area? Clearly the ever resourceful islanders don’t believe it should be so. Indeed there is probably enough space (just out of the frame to the right) for a fifth car to fit in.

Everybody could easily reverse out (if they couldn’t – should they even be driving)? Perhaps this is a reserved space, reserved for revenue raising by Council, that is.

Now I would like to stress, that I have NOT been in contact with Council as yet, I shall call tomorrow. Of course, Council might bounce this to State, who may, in turn, bounce it back to Council….

I’ll let you know, let me know your thoughts…


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