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Pre-Enrolment Assessment

English Assessment

The English Assessment is a series of questions that will evaluate your competence of English grammar, spelling and reading comprehension. When you are finished, click the Submit button.

Choose the correct word (or words) to complete the sentence correctly. There is only one correct answer for each question.

I am ______ student in the whole class.

Question ID 26

She tried to stay awake, ____ fell asleep anyway.

Question ID 40

The students ___________ of the changes.

Question ID 48

Where ______ Susan buy this computer? It’s terrible.

Question ID 13

How ________ open the file?

Question ID 16

I am _____ to work anymore, I need to go home and go to bed.

Question ID 43

I need you to finish this task ___ 5:30pm.

Question ID 21

I live next ____ the train station.

Question ID 23

She failed the exam _____ having studied hard the night before.

Question ID 36

There ___ many problems with this computer.

Question ID 19

The meeting is ___ 10:00am

Question ID 22

You _______ write your exam if you want to pass. If you don’t write it, you will fail.

Question ID 31

I _______take a day off work tomorrow.

Question ID 37

Where _______ for lunch this afternoon?

Question ID 28

There are 6 billion people in ___ world who have access to mobile phones.

Question ID 15

If you open too many programs, the computer _______.

Question ID 24

I brush my teeth ____ I go to bed.

Question ID 12

The road is very wet, please _______.

Question ID 35

I need to go ____ the post office before I go home.

Question ID 17

This tea is ____ hot to drink. Add some cold water or wait a few minutes.

Question ID 34

Read the letter then answer the following questions. Choose True if the statement matches with the information in the letter. Choose False if the statement does not match the information in the letter. There is only one correct answer for each question.

A Cover Letter for a Job Application

Dear Mr Joshua,

I am writing you in regards to the vacancy posted on Seek.com for the position of Network Administrator at the Royal Sydney Children’s Hospital. I am very interested in this position, as I have worked in the health sector for three years as a receptionist, and would like an opportunity to continue work in this sector. As I have recently completed a sixteen-month Diploma in Information Technology – Networking, I am seeking a role that will combine my experience in the health sector with my education in IT. As I am committed to improving my skills and knowledge, I intend to complete a Diploma of Information Technology – Software Development to gain skills that will help me become a greater asset to your organisation.

In my role as a receptionist at a small health clinic, I was responsible for handling all calls, greeting and assisting all patients, as well as providing administrative and organisational support for the clinic. As I was the only administration staff member, the responsibility of developing and maintaining processes to manage the office and IT systems fell to me. I took on the challenge of learning Network Administration to support the business by minimising costs associated with downtime and IT support calls.

I have practical experience installing and supporting the ICT network in my office, and maintaining our telecommunication and system security networks. I look forward to putting the knowledge I learned in my course, such as designing, building and testing a network server, to practical use in my new role. My responsibilities as a receptionist included providing a high level of client satisfaction in dealing with patients, doctors and other staff, and therefore I believe I have the necessary interpersonal skills needed to fulfil this role.

I feel that although I do not have the 2 years’ Network Administrator experience you requested in your job advertisement, I learn best on the job and I have the skills, drive and passion to succeed in this position. I thrive on new challenges, and I believe I can make a positive contribution to your organisation. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience and abilities with you, and have attached my résumé. I am available for an interview from the beginning of next week.

Best regards.

Martin Finch

The applicant has three years’ experience as a Network Administrator.

Question ID 2

The applicant has a Diploma of Information Technology – Software Development.

Question ID 1

The applicant worked in a health clinic as a receptionist.

Question ID 3

The applicant decided to study Network Administration so he could fix problems with the network himself, saving the business money.

Question ID 10

The applicant has practical experience building and testing network servers.

Question ID 4

The applicant is available immediately for an interview.

Question ID 8

The applicant learns best on the job.

Question ID 9

The applicant has completed a two-year IT qualification.

Question ID 6

The applicant has worked in an office based administration role.

Question ID 5

The applicant wants to stay employed in the health sector.

Question ID 7



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