SMBI Drug operation – Update

On 19th January the Queensland Police Media confirmed that a large Drug operation called “Operation Papa Galosh” had recently taken place on the Bay Islands and mainland.

As is not uncommon during these times of arrests, it takes time until all parties who have been charged have their names released.

As promised, I have some more names. Credit goes to a local Islander for spotting this and alerting me to the situation .

In conversation with officers from Capalaba’s Tactical Crime Squad, I have confirmed that six people have been arrested. Further enquiries also confirmed this and that there are three people who have been charges and refused bail. These people are:

Stacey Beth Rennison

Daniel Walton

Dayle Elsden

There are, I was told, more people, the number three was mentioned, whom have been arrested, but as yet have not made an appearance in court.

Stacey Beth Rennison (pictured centre) was last year’s ‘Bay Islander of the Year’, an annual award sponsored by the ‘Friendly Bay Islander’ here is an image:

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